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Oyster Extract Improves Men’s Sexual Health

Zinc can improve sperm count and swimming ability, and increase sexual potency in men. Zinc is a necessary building block for testosterone, so it supports a healthy libido and sperm production.

The French connection!

Casanova reportedly ate several dozen oysters daily and was reported to be the most famous lover of all time. Although he was actually Italian most people think he was French. He in fact spent most of his life in France seducing many maidens in the Royal court.


Mighty Aphrodite!

Oyster extract is a natural source of zinc. Zinc is vital for reproductive health and male overall sexual health from erections to fertility even prostate health. Zinc deficiency can also result to lower sperm count and low testosterone level.
The world is your oyster!

For centuries many have debated as truth or myth the fact that oysters are an aphrodisiac. The oyster lover will always agree, the oyster hater will always refute the claim. The problem for the poor old oyster in claiming its well-deserved title, is that eating one can be quite a disconcerting experience for the not so seasoned gourmet. The taste and texture are most definitely an acquired taste and if eaten at the wrong time of the year when they are slightly milky, the virgin oyster eater may never wish to repeat the experience.

However when eaten in season with a few condiments to ease the novice on board, they are quite simply an experience, the very thought of which, will cause the thinker to salivate with all the gusto of a ravenous canine. Many gourmets throughout history report them as being the ultimate hors d’oeuvres and no food can compare to them for setting the gastric juices flowing.


Oyster Extract – 100% Natural Testosterone Booster, Libido booster, Aphrodisiac, Pure Oyster Meat Highly Concentrated Extract – High in Natural Taurine and Zinc.
A Healthy Couple.

What’s the alternative?

Ok, you say, they still look like something an emphysema patient coughed up. There is an alternative for those of you who want the effect but just can’t endure the oral sensation. It’s called oyster extract powder and it is available at a web site near you.

So what is it and what does it do?

Usually, but not always it is the dried meat of the oyster, which is then powdered and put into a capsule. Some brands include the shell and are of very dubious quality. Others are in pill form where half the pill weight is made up of binders and excipients of no nutritional value whatsoever. Some however are from very reputable sources and contain all the ingredients of the fresh oyster, minus the taste and texture of course.


Are all brands the same?

Very few of the oyster extracts available really measure up however in terms of potency and this is because the oysters are harvested at times of the year when the oysters are very full of glycogen starch. This leaves very low concentrations of trace minerals and as such they lack potency. These tend to be the cheaper brands from China, New Zealand and Japan. Others recognize this fact and harvest when trace elements like zinc are at their maximum and these oyster extracts are very powerful and closest to the raw oyster in effect.


Oyster extract is an excellent and natural way to help increase your testosterone levels.
Oyster extract is an excellent and natural way to help increase your testosterone levels.

Ze Zinc, Monsieur!

It is these trace elements that give the oyster its potency and in particular the trace element zinc. Oysters are the highest natural source of zinc and they accumulate large quantities of it to help regulate certain physiological functions unique to the oyster. Science remains unclear on the exact functions but the levels of zinc are certain.

In relation to men’s sexual health, zinc is very important for testicular health and prostate health. The prostate gland contains more zinc than any other organ in the body. Zinc supplementation has been shown to increase free testosterone levels in the blood which increases libido, reduces fatigue, and improves overall sexual health. Zinc deficient men develop a condition called hypogonadism in which the testicles shrink and loose function.

Another interesting aspect of this zinc is that sperm contain very high levels of zinc, 700 times more than in blood plasma. Again the reason for this is unclear but with every ejaculation an adult males looses approximately 0.7mg of zinc per ml of semen. Therefore each ejaculation can result in a loss of several mg’s of zinc for the adult male. The cumulative effect is a decrease in overall libido if suitable replenishment of zinc is not observed.

So while it is this high level of natural zinc that can enhance the sexual vigour by way of free testosterone, it also improves testicular and prostate health resulting in fuller ejaculations which ultimately enhance sexual well being.


What about other sexual health supplements?

Zinc earns its stripes by promoting immune function to fight illness, supporting healthy cell growth and development, and ensuring a proper sense of taste and smell. It's especially important for men because of its role in maintaining prostate health, testosterone levels and overall sexual health
Zinc can significantly change your sexual health.

While many of the herbal supplements on the market report sex enhancing benefits none can compare to the oyster for nutrient values specific to men’s sexual health. And while many of the synthetic sex enhancing drugs of the Vxxx genre make wild claims none can replace the nutrients the body looses during sexual intercourse.


This pure oyster extract supplement can help increase energy levels, offset the symptoms of fatigue, boost the immune system, and improve sexual health.
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The world is your oyster!

Oyster extract is a very clear contender to be the supplement of choice for those seeking good sexual health. It is in reality a whole food which contains amino acids, vitamins, omega 3 & 6 fish oils and all of the 59 trace elements the body needs including very high, the highest in fact, levels of natural organic zinc known in any foodstuff.

Be sure to source a brand of reputable quality and origin, and one that shows respect and knowledge of the micro nutrient levels in the finished oyster extract.


Think before you zinc!