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Protects cell phone users from the physiological harm caused by the fragmented electromagnetic waves emitted by their phones

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Protection Form Cell Phone Radiation

The Problem

The World Health Organization (WHO), the European Community (EC) and the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) have recognized the potential health danger of cell phones caused by the radiation they emit. This threat has been confirmed in hundreds of scientific studies, with special emphasis on women, teenagers and children.

With and Without EMF Bioshield

EMF Bioshield TEL

Effects of prolonged use: general fatigue, headaches…

Long-term potential risks: neurovegetative and degenerative illnesses, and in some cases cancer

Why is cell phone radiation harmful to health?

When cell phones are turned on, they instantly and constantly emit fragmented electromagnetic waves in search of the closest cell phone tower / mobile phone mast to connect to. The more difficult the connection, the stronger the signal they emit.

So what?

The problem stems from the fact that nature in general and the human body in particular, have evolved for millenia in harmony with natural electromagnetic waves such as the ones emitted by the sun, and cosmic and telluric (from the Earth ) electromagnetic radiation, which are linear in nature.

In contrast, artificial electromagnetic waves emitted by cell phones are fragmented. As a result, they literally hammer living cells, leading to many cellular troubles, more or less serious, depending on each person’s physiology. This explains why some people are hyper-sensitive to fragmented electromagnetic waves while others don’t feel anything. That doesn’t mean that their cells are not affected. Rather, it means that it will take longer for these results to show up.

Natural and Artificial Waves

Depending on where cell phones are carried and used, the organs most likely to be
impacted adversely are:

  • The brain – during use, cell phones are normally held to the ear. Hands free sets and speakers can reduce the risk.
  • The reproductive organs – men and women carrying the phone in clothing close to either the testicles or ovaries risk damaging these important organs. The damage in young girls can be particularly alarming as their ovaries contain all the eggs for their life-time and DNA damage from cell  phones may lead to birth abnormalities
  • Even (potentially) embryos – pregnant women should not carry a phone near their unborn child.

The Solution

The EMF-Bioshield® protects cell phone users from the physiological harm caused by the fragmented electromagnetic waves emitted by their phones. It comes as a small chip that looks like a self-adhesive flat pellet containing a selection of programmed nanoparticles mixed in a neutral agent. It must be placed on the back of the cell phone, as close as possible to the antenna.

EMF-Bioshield® was awarded a Golden Medal by the scientific jury of the 39th Geneva International Inventions Exhibition in 2011.

How it works:

The EMF-Bioshield® generates a counter-phase resonance which instantly turns fragmented waves (harmful after a certain amount of time) into harmless linear ones.

You are therefore protected. Its effectiveness has been tested and validated in several international research centers.

The blood test in particular produces impressive results. Since electromagnetic waves emitted by cell phones « polarize » hemoglobin cells in the blood, they turn them in effect, into micro-magnets that stick to each other, creating clumps of cells which reduce significantly the surface of red blood cells through which oxygen is absorbed and transported.

The decrease in oxygen transfer to the brain and other organs is a factor that contributes to general abnormal fatigue and other physiological troubles.

EMF-Bioshield protects you from this harmful effect.

When no cell phone is used, red blood cells move freely
After 10 min of cell phone use without EMF-Bioshield red blood cells clump together
After 10 min of cell phone use with EMF-Bioshield red blood cells still move freely

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