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Marine mineral complex for peak performance

Oysters are full of important proteins, vitamins and minerals.

When we started our company 20 years ago one of the quotes that stuck with me most was from Dr. Linus Pauling who said, “All illnesses of a living system can be related to the deficiency of certain micro nutrients”.

Minerals are necessary for every biochemical process and activity of the body.
“You can trace every sickness, every disease, and every ailment to a mineral deficiency.” – Dr. Linus Pauling

These deficiencies in minerals and micro nutrients prevent the correct functioning of enzymes and hormones responsible for peak physiological performance.
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Oyster extract – The Ortho Molecular Genius

Insights and rationale on why pure Irish oyster extract powder enables the body to rapidly build complex molecules vital to peak performance.

We are repeatedly asked ‘why is your oyster extract powder better than synthetic zinc and other trace element supplements which costs far less?’

The answer is not so easy to explain, takes time and a great deal of our energy is spent educating people on the subject. As professional oyster extract producers and having supplied integrative practitioners and natural therapist for 20 years who use our product to treat many trace element associated illnesses, we know the benefits and reasons for this so let me explain.
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The Caviar of Zinc Supplements

There are many, many zinc supplements on the market. So much so that buying the right one can be a very time consuming affair and with so many brands, how do you know which the right one for you is. However, as with all purchasing decisions, there is quality and there is quantity. There is fast food and there is gourmet food. There are synthetic zinc supplements and there is Oyster Extract Powder.
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